Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This road doesn't look right with all these old houses. And the new houses? They were not here yesterday. Where are the curves on your old road? And the speed bumps and potholes?

But this road is so smooth, straight, and easy to drive!

You check Facebook to see if your friends have noticed the changes. You check your text messages. Has anyone alerted you? 

You don't check your smartphone's GPS app. You don't look at a paper map to see where you are. And heaven forbid you would be so 'old school' as ask the man in his front yard for help.

The fact is you are on the wrong road.

But how could such a good road be wrong. It feels so good. You are not working hard at driving. On this road you can go fast. There is no need to be alert or careful. How could a straight road without speed bumps be wrong?

The Bible tells us of good roads and bad roads. It tells us the best way is a challenge.  The road to great living (and ultimately eternal life) has curves, bumps and potholes. You must be cautious and controlled. Some of it may not paved and muddy. It tells us of the easy, fast, interstate-quality drives that go to the bad life (and ultimately THE bad place). 

Why should you check the electronic Bible app on your smart phone, or the 'old school' printed Bible that warns us? Be careful: You might discover your are on the wrong road.

So, where are you going?