Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Ten-Hut!

That is what I thought they said. Really! The man with the two or three stripes on his sleeve always said “A Ten-Hut” when an man with brass on his shoulders walked in.

Now I know they were saying “Attention!” to show honor, or to recognize someone more noble.

The Challenge
Philippians 4:8 challenges us to think (meditate) on whatever is noble or honorable. This high standard of thinking requires decision making, judgments, evaluation, and planning to imitate noble personalities.

As I toil to transform into a noble or honorable person, I found Festus being honored by Paul. I recalled prophets (preachers) do not get honor where they live.

Jesus was dishonored. He was accused of being a “Samaritan” (similar to the “N-word” in our society.). Jesus said he had not received honor from the religious authorities.

How does God view being noble or honorable?
God says humility comes before honor.  He said if the Son is not honored, then He is not honored. The Son spoke of the noble-hearted as the fruitful soil.

God recognizes marriage as honorable by everyone. He saw the Corinthian's gift to the Jerusalem Christians as honorable. He wants His Son's followers to live honorably. Living noble lives protects Christians from slanderous talk, and gives Him glory. Parents should live honorably, and receive honor from their children.

Benefits for us.
As I aim for a noble life-style, benefits will come my way.
  • Slanderous talk, aimed to shame, will be laughable.
  • Co-workers and friends will enjoy being around me.
  • A confidence will emerge that provides additional success.
  • My opinions will be viewed as valuable.
  • Good opportunities for service will become incessant.
  • Associates will mimic my honoring of others.
  • The humility that brings honor will sharpen my outlook and shrink my mood-swings.
  • I will enhance the noble work of others and exhibit it in my demeanor.
  • I will decide to be humble, whether honor comes or not..
  • I will arrange and achieve noble activities.
  • I will set personal goals as I move toward honor
  • I will practice, practice and practice.

Want to join me?

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  1. Sooo....that is NOT what they were saying?

    Good points on Honor!
    Honor your Father and Mother...carries with it the idea of supporting them in their old age.

    Just a thought to add to yours.


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