Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rich Men Can't Go To Heaven

"That's NOT what I said!!"

"But dad, that's what I thought you said."

"Son, I was describing the chances of rich people if they want to go to heaven. Do you remember Uncle Jimmy describing how difficult it is for them to make it?"

"I'm not sure. Was there something about a needle and a camel?"

"You almost remember. Uncle Jimmy told us what Jesus said. 'It is easier for a camel to get through the opening in a sewing needle than for a rich man to get to heaven.' Do you remember how Uncle Jimmy and the other apostles were surprised? They thought if a man was rich meant he was extra-special to God, and certainly was heaven-bound. Jesus told Uncle Jimmy that men can't get it done, but with God's help everything is possible."
Exchanges like this remind this struggling soul of how strenuous staying right is.

A verse not seen in the conversation was Jesus saying, "Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God." (Mark 10:24)

I've always envisioned myself as poor, but counting of my blessings indicates I am very rich. My abundance is magnified as I balance my home with those in third-world countries.

It is easy to let things  control us. Your riding mower has a flat, so you spend two hours going to Walmart or Sears for a repair, but buy a tire instead. There is a lengthy traffic delay on your way home. Once back home you discover you left your Android Smartphone back at the store. Another trip to the town, find your phone, check the time, rush to the cleaners, and back home. Once inside, you must recharge the phone. Soon you open the freezer, dig for the tv dinner, and toss it in the microwave. POP! SNAP! Smoke is boiling from the microwave. Put the TV dinner back in the freezer, back to Walmart, buy another microwave, and return home again. Oh, no. This one has the wrong kind of electrical plug. "Wally World", here we come.....

Is the owner in control? No. His things dictate his deeds.

What godly objective was achieved? Does it count that you tamed your temper and resisted uttering ugliness? 

When things control
  • Jesus is not in control. 
  • He is no longer Lord. 
  • My chances of heaven dwindle.
  • I do not be complete His work. Sound like a "good and faithful servant"? (Luke 19:17)


  1. When you are poor, you depend more on God to get you from one day to the next. When you are rich, you don't think so much about God. You trust your money to take care of your needs and wants.

  2. To a lot of the wealthy I know. Their wealth is their god and no one else matters. It's all iii or. Me me me god is in their lives really just on Sunday morning for show. To men. A weekend warrior .


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