Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Unexpected Issues

He could not fail. He would not allow himself to fail.

It was true that he did not enjoy mathematics of any kind, but especially College Algebra. It was also true that he had not given the course the appropriate amount of effort for success, but he just couldn't fail.

He knew how his parents thought he was the greatest at whatever he attempted, including College Algebra. It would destroy them if he was not successful.

But now the course was nearing an end, and for him to be successful at this late date would require a miracle of some kind.

What was he to do?

A 'friend' experiencing the same difficulties told him of a third classmate who had a 'rare' copy of THE test.  After few quick looks, he suddenly 'understood' enough to make certain of his success.

What does it take to guard your heart?  This fictitious young man could have protected his heart with additional study throughout the semester instead of needing something extraordinary at the end.  His act of cheating came not from his so-called 'need' to succeed, but from a heart that looked for a short-cut to success.

It is the same with stealing at work, slacking when the boss is not present, or over charging a customer. All these inappropriate actions, along with many others, come from a heart not in tune with God.

Solomon wrote in Prov 4:23, "Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life."

If he had guarded his heart, he would not have needed to cheat. 

So, help me with this question. If the teacher knows students are using copies of old tests to be successful on the current tests (which are very similar), is it cheating? Is this a matter of not guarding the heart?

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  1. It depends on what the teacher expects out of the old tests, and what kind of tests they are. Some teachers use the old tests as "study guides." So...I would not think that it would be cheating in such a case, but rather, a study tool.

    If on the other hand, the teacher collects all old tests and "files" them away, and a student gets their hands on one of these "forbidden" tests, that would be cheating.


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