Saturday, July 9, 2011

One More Thing

Getting a license for my first car was an experience.

I knew to go to the Revenue Office for the license. I got my checkbook, got in my new-to-me car, and went to the Revenue office. I expected to walk in, pay a fee of some kind, and get the license plate.

The 30-minute wait was long. The polite woman behind the counter asked for my Collector's Office. "What papers," I asked. She explained I needed a paper from the County Tax Collector's Office as proof my taxes were paid. "That is the only thing we need from there," she added as I headed out the door on the new phase of the adventure.

"It is not too bad to lack only one thing," I thought.

At the Collectors Office, I was told I lacked one thing. I needed a document from the County Assessors Office declaring my property was assessed.

At the Assessors office I lacked only one thing, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) found on either the title or pink-colored registration papers. I had neither with me. I go back to the house for the car title.

"I lacked only one thing, but at three places. This is not so good," I thought. I had spent an hour longer than planned.

It was back to the Assessors office with Title in hand. I got the elusive piece of paper, and relayed it to the Tax Collector's office. After a hurried peek at their books, they stamped it, sending me back to the Revenue Office.

After an hour and a half, I had learned the need for proper government paperwork to obtain tags. And yes, it took me 30 more minutes before I saw "The Lady" again. Almost done, right?

"Where is your proof of insurance card," she asked gently. "My what," I replied. "What are you talking about," I asked. Was this another thing I lacked?

Out the door I went, headed to the only insurance company I knew: dad's. After buying my first policy an hour later, with a proof of insurance card, I started back to the not-as-nice-as-she-once-was lady at the Revenue office.

Frustration began as I was delayed another 37 minutes and 42 seconds to view her now-dreaded face. With a scowl, I shoved the insurance card toward her AND the tax receipt. Snatching my checkbook, I started writing the check just as her hand flew up. "Wait! I have everything except your car inspection receipt," she said apologetically. "You've got to be kidding," I said, struggling to retain my composure.

Out the door, AGAIN! I drove through town till I saw a state inspection sign dangling on the side of a DX gas station (whoops, dated the story). He said he would do the inspection just as soon as he finished mounting, spin balancing, and putting on all four new tires on the Chevy in the repair bay. "Just great," I thought. "I have plenty of time on my only day off," I growled sarcastically to myself.

"You say my turn signal is burned out," I replied to the station owner/mechanic/inspector.

"You will be back WHEN with the part?"

"You want me to watch your station while you are gone?"

It was 12:45 before I got the little slip of paper indicating my car had passed inspection.

The Revenue office was closed for lunch.

"Lady, I am tired and irritated. This better be everything," I told the now-embarrassed woman.

"There is one thing you lack," She facetiously said. "Your check."
Years ago a successful man approached Jesus asking what he lacked to gain eternal life. Jesus, living under the Law of Moses (Old Testament), reminded him of the 'Dos and Don'ts'. His response: "I have always done these."

Jesus knew his wealth was blocking him from being a successful spiritually. He was told, "One thing you lack."

I identify with him. Do you?

I lacked more than one thing to get my license plate, but I completed them one at a time. Spiritually, I lack more than one quality, so I aim at one area of improvement at a time. With God's help, have been reasonably successful.

The struggle to improve is hard, but I keep hearing Jesus. "ONE thing you lack."
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  1. I really liked this one, and can SO relate to the story! Thank you for sharing it!


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