Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grandpa Joe

Justin looked at his last text before sending it. "Grandpa Joe is visiting & telling stories. Love it!" It looked good. He hit the 'send' button.

It's an understatement to say Justin loves his Grandpa Joe. And the stories Grandpa Joe tells are one-of-a-kind. He never lies. You know it is true by the twinkle in the old man's eye.

Last night Grandpa Joe talked about being a fan of The Man. He, and several others, enjoyed traveling with The Man everywhere. He did everything with Him and His 'official' support team.

Justin was trying to text his friend about the story Grandpa told last night. Grandpa Joe said he had been hanging around this hippie-looking guy named John for a while, and really liked what John was doing. Then The Man came by, talked to John, and John gave him his now-famous washing. John started talking about how The Man was more important. "So I became The Man Fan," Grandpa Joe said.

The Man was so different. "I loved everything he said and did, " Grandpa said, adding, "It was exciting to be at the beginning of a new 'superstar.'"

"He talked about chasing The Man for three years," Justin typed, checked and sent.

Then Justin wondered if he should text anything about the next story Grandpa told. How can anyone, even The Man, feed so many with so little? Justin fought to believe it. But Grandpa did have that convincing twinkle in his eye again. It had to be the truth.  "Grandpa said The Man feed a whole town with just a basket of food," he spelled one letter at a time. Check. Send.

Then Grandpa Joe told the story of when he was nearly chosen to be a replacement on The Man's support team. One of the support team, sometimes called 'Jud' for short, had turned The Man over to some powerful politicians, or religious freaks, or something. Jud's actions got The Man in trouble. Jud committed suicide.

Justin pecked "1 of The Man's helpers got Him n trouble. Helper killed himself." Check. Send.

Justin thought of what Grandpa said next. "A couple of weeks later a bunch of us was hanging around when Pete proposed me and Matt as replacements. They talked to The Man's father and rolled the dice. Matt was picked, " Grandpa said, adding with laughter, "Almost!"

Justin's fingers couldn't move fast enough. "Grandpa almost picked as replacement." Check. Send.

This Bible-based fictitious story asks us to decide if the stories about The Man are real. For me it depends on who is telling the story. The closest men surrounding The Man didn't lie back then. How do I know? Many of them died for what they said. Who would die for a lie?

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  1. The first time I scanned through the story, I did not figure out who the Bible Characters were. Then I figured it out when I slowed down and read it the second time. Good job!


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