Friday, November 12, 2010

Mind Reading Reported

Wandering Preacher Heals, Forgives Sins
Scribe claims preacher reads minds 

Capernaum – Thursday the traveling preacher returned to his adopted home town after a two week absence to teach and heal a long-term paralyzed man after forgiving his sins. The scribes present at the time of message, forgiveness, and miracle say he knew what they were thinking.

Jesus, the roving Nazarene preacher returned to Capernaum, with the focus of the trip being preaching. The last time he was in town many of the disease-laden and demon-possessed were healed in a lengthy night-time gathering. 

"This time my mission is different. This time I came to Pete's house to teach," Jesus said, adding, ”Challenging peopled to change is my job, and it was a key reason I left town two weeks ago.”

Pete's modern home was packed with listeners, disciple-hopefuls, and curiosity seekers. All reported his teaching authoritatively.

Two hours into his message a foursome began tearing the roof off Pete's home at 220 Sardine St. The four men created a hole large enough for a rope-borne stretcher to be lowered into the great room.

Joshua Trotter, 27, of 517 Perch Street, said he has not walk for more than 12 years. "I caught the fever when I was 15 and have not walked a step since," Trotter said. 

"My four friends heard Jesus was back in town and got real excited," exclaimed Trotter, adding, "They were not going to let him get out of town this time before getting me to him."

Those in attendance reported how jammed the house was. 

Trotter said his friends were convinced that the traveling minister would heal him. "They just knew it would happen. There was no doubt in their minds," the Capernaum native said.

The men, after peeling back the roof, tied ropes to the pallet and lowered Trotter down directly in front of Jesus. "That is when the unexpected happened," Trotter said.

"Jesus said my sins were forgiven," Trotter reported. "The scribes gasped so violently I thought they were going to swallow their tongues," he added. 

Joe Sample, an accomplished scribe in attendance, said the next statement from Jesus shows he was reading their mind. "I was thinking that only God can forgive sins. So this man was blaspheming," Sample said.

Sample said Jesus looked sternly at him and asked "Why are you thinking like that? Which is easier, to forgive this man's sins or to tell him to go home."

Jesus continued, "I want you to know I have the authority to forgive men's sins," Sample reported.

"He stopped talking to Joe and looked right at me. He told me to get up, roll up my pallet and go home," Trotter chimed in.

Trotter said he had not felt strength in his legs for years but suddenly did. "So I did what he said. I got up and went home," he added.

Sample said he just sat there for a long time. "I heard people saying things like, 'Never seen anything like that before.'," Sample concluded.
This fictionalized news story of a Bible event leaves me with a question that Mark, the gospel writer, failed to answer. What is it going to take before these people figure out Jesus is God's son???

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  1. Ha Ha! I love how shocked the scribes were when they heard Jesus forgive sins. I am sure some of them were thinking...."Blasphemer!" Even though he proved it by his power to heal. Perhaps they were thinking of past prophets who performed miracles....they never made the claim to forgive sins. Maybe that was their "excuse" to remain blind as to who Jesus was. And...are we not often the same way? We want to limit God to our current understanding...even though He has raised the dead! Nim T


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