Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be A Kid

Adults are inclined to think like adults. The adult thought pattern, with its complexities and biases, tends to produce practices not productive to God's plans.

  • are skeptical.
  • shake their heads, watching 'heroes' fall into disgraceful living.
  • see gray instead of black and white.
  • sit and watch others.
  • ignore differences for tolerance and political correctness.
  • are cruel to people (of road rage?) and animals (ASPCA?).
  • refuse to improve through learning new ideas, or declining to adopt good learning practices .
  • want to be pleased.
  • allow friendships to fade into oblivion.
  • are ambivalent or apathetic.
  • are greedy and selfish.
  • tell personal tales and become isolated from current opportunities.
  • want others to take over their jobs.
  • are prideful of who their person and accomplishments. 
  • lack affection 
  • are rude and hateful.

Does Jesus desire these traits in his family? I think not.

Once the adult disciples were thing like adults, They tried to control the crowd like an adult. Parents and grandparents wanted their children to see Jesus, maybe to touch Him or shake His hand. They were being rebuked by adult-thinking disciples.

Jesus rarely got upset, but the adult behavior of His disciples, preventing children from approaching Him, was not good. He became indignant. Jesus was very displeased with His adult acting students.

He claimed a moment for teaching them the characteristics He wants in His church. It was not what they expected. He said God's kingdom is made up "of such AS these." He added, "Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God LIKE A CHILD will not enter it at all."

To be a part of Is kingdom, I must struggle to exhibit child-like qualities. I must:
  • believe what I read about Jesus.
  • appreciate love, kindness, and affection.
  • return love, kindness, and affection.
  • try to please Jesus through obedience.
  • be humble like a child.
  • be efficient learners of Jesus, God, the Bible, etc.
  • accept responsibilities as they are offered.
  • be understanding and responsive to the hurts and needs of others.
  • talk about what I am doing (such as TheStruggle and preaching), and share my experiences.
  • be aware of the differences in people.
  • willing to give more to others.
  • be active in His Kingdom.
  • be enthusiastic about my relationship with Jesus, and sharing the hope.
  • discern between good and bad, eliminating gray areas.
  • strenthen the ties with my friends.
  • emulate my hero, Jesus.

Will you be my friend and join me in reverting back to a better life?

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  1. I agree! We as adults tend to dissect and analyze ... not with obedience in mind....but to find our way "out" of following certain commands because we don't like them. Kind of like reading the small print on a contract.

    Children are more accepting of the general idea, without looking for hidden nuances and meanings.


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