Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wrongs to Right

How many wrongs does is needed to make one right? Does it take three evils to make one action glorious? Or are seven injurious actions required?

The story of Joseph being delivered to slavery is found in Genesis37:31-35. How many low actions or attitudes do you count in this story?
  • His older brothers sold him as a slave.
  • Joseph's father was deceived by those older brothers.
  • They pretended to be ignorant of what happened to Joseph.
  • Those brothers caused their father deep emotional pain.
  • The 11 brothers attempted to 'comfort' their father, while it was their idea that caused his pain.

It was wrong from beginning to end. Wrongs never create right.

But God took all these 'wrongs' and made them into a great plan for His glory, and for the good of Abraham' great-grandchildren.

Much like you, I have experienced depressing events in my life. But my relationship with God has allowed Him to find good purposes for those tragedies.

Is life a rose bed or a briar patch? The way you look at life, either good or bad, simply reveals your trust-level in God.

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