Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stuck In Anaerobic?

The decay of debris at the depths of a pond is done by bacteria. And sometimes bacteria are more adaptive than humans. 

On sweltering summer days the wind is still, and oxygen is not dissolved in the water. As dissolved oxygen is depletes, bacteria change living and growing to survival and struggle. They switch to anaerobic respiration. These days are not good.

When the wind blows, waves add oxygen to the water. When oxygen is present, bacteria use aerobic respiration to break down the debris. These are the good days.

Bacteria switch back calmly and without hesitation.

Some opportunities look good and we look forward to great successes. Time after time the Devil tricks us. Once more, he has played us for fools. Now sinners, we battle against unfavorable conditions. We feel bogged down. Improvement appears impossible. Liars feel compelled to continue lying. Thieves have no choice but to continue stealing. Unchecked anger agonizes over titanic outcomes. It is survival and struggle. These are not good days.

Then the refreshing breeze of hope comes. He is Jesus. He furnishes the freedom to switch. He presents to the burdened consummate circumstances in which to thrive. Jesus presents liars freedom to tell the truth, thieves to earn a living, and anger governed.

So why does mankind persist in prospecting for solutions that exclude Jesus?

Bacteria switches, instantly, when the opportunity for oxygen comes. Are bacteria brighter than we are???
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