Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rut Riding

The safe highway near my home has become dangerous, even life-threatening.

The highway department resurfaced the road using tar and pea-sized gravel, lots of gravel. For inexperienced cycle riders, gravel is a grave enemy.

After a day of traffic, the highway has four ruts and five rows of gravel. It is the five rows motorcyclists MUST stay away from. Getting out of the safe ruts and onto the treacherous rows has results ranging from a mere rough and noisy ride or a complete loss of control. The ultimate threats range from serious case of "road rash" to death.

Rut riding is the best choice.

The same is true for believers. They need the path that is clear of sins and struggles; a rut cleared by Jesus.

A Christian that wonders from the rut of Christ finds "bumps", threats of losing their marital status, integrity, composure, decision making skills, and dedication. They may experience betrayal, addictions, guilt's weights, and powerlessness to correct self. They may even renounce Christianity as foolishness.

To rut ride with Christ requires a constant focus as to where you are on life's "road". Stay in the ruts where forgiveness, hope, control, and dedication are found. Experience His loyalty,
His power, and His light weights. He will take you to the mountain tops to see His "vistas" of eternal life and God.

Be a rut-rider with Christ.

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  1. Yes...I don't want to slip and slide in the gravel!


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