Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mechanic or Angel?

Bill: Jim, I was blessed so much Labor Day!

Jim: Whatcha ya' mean?

Bill: Me and some friends were on the road on Labor Day when I had car trouble. A good mechanic came to where I was, fixed the car in the heat right where I was. And it was a holiday! Get this: He did it all for free. All he wanted was a handshake.

Jim: What?

Bill: Yeah, you heard me. Amazing, huh?

Jim: Sure nuf!

Bill: Jim, do you think he was an angel, or was it just God blessing me?

Jim: Good question. Sounds like the good Lord is tak'n a likin' to ya'.

God told Moses He would harden the heart of Pharaoh so He (God) could do His signs and wonders.


"...THAT YOU MAY TELL...." and "... THAT YOU MAY KNOW... ".

What would develop if you told your family of God's working in your life?

Do you have good fortune to relish?

Tell your family and friends who God is to you, and what He has done!

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