Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Frazier was a storm-tossed, distressed young man of fifteen years. Seated at a desk at the Department of Human Services, he waited for the investigator.

After 10 long minutes of sweating it, in drug the old war-horse. Her clothes, although professional, were draped on her wry frame like an over-sized sock. Rounding the corner of the desk, she looked over her reading glasses at Frazier, inspecting him. She plopped down in her office chair, wishing she was on next week's Florida vacation.

She opened his pudgy file, flipped through the first seven or eight pages, and asked, "Do you know why you are here?"

Frazier nodded as she struggled with the video recorder. 

"Let's start at the beginning," she says. "Please tell your version of the story."

"Ever since I was young child I have had a demon. Some stupid doctors thought I had epilepsy. But the demon would throw me on the ground to hurt me. Sometimes it made me fall in the water or fire. I nearly drown several times. People at school thought my dad was burning me. But the demon was giving me terrible convulsions. I could not talk. It was always trying to kill me," Frasier began, looking directly in her eyes, just as dad had taught him.

"That's why I have so many bruises, cuts and burns." he added. "It is not dad's fault."

"Dad took me to the students of an exorcist. He thought they could cure me. They tried but couldn't," Frazier said as his eyes sank away.

"Then the exorcist showed up. He ask what is going on? Dad brought me to him," Frazier said.

"Young man, do you expect me to believe this story? What was the name of the exorcist," she demanded, expecting him to shrug his shoulders.

But Frazier politely, confidently, answered. "The people there called him Jesus. He is famous, ya' know," Frazier added with a twisted grin.

He continued. "Jesus asked how long I had been like this?' 

"Dad told him since I was a very young boy," Frazier continued.

"Dad begged Jesus if He could do ANYTHING, anything at all," Frazier added, then sheepishly continued, "Did your dad ever beg for you? Mine did. He must love me a lot."

"Jesus sounded insulted when He replied, 'If I can?' Then He said, 'EVERYTHING is possible if you believe,'" Frazier added.

Frazier told the now-interested investigator of how his dad did believe. "Dad pleaded for Jesus to help his weak faith."

"Ma'am, I know it was a demon because of what Jesus said next," Frazier explained. Jesus called it a deaf and dumb spirit, and commanded it to come out." Frazier said.

"I screamed so loud. I had the biggest convulsion ever. It threw me on the ground real hard. It scratched my arm and face badly, and put a knot on my head. I think I went unconscious because the people there said I was dead," Frazier said with big, excited eyes. "You can ask them!"

"Ma'am, you have to believe me. This is the truth. Dad got Jesus to help me. Dad did not bruise me. He did not burn me. Please, please, believe me," Frazier pleaded.

Should I believe his story. Why?
More importantly, do you believe it? Why?
Tell us why in the comment section.

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