Monday, April 4, 2011

Questions, Trials, Frustrations

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Who can identify with Jesus?
  • Experienced pharmacists understand having their judgments questioned.
  • Trial lawyers perceive client skepticism after losing a case.
  • Teachers pick up on the animosity of a hostile parent.
  • Successful mechanics absorb the ache from his years of experienced being contested.
  • Every passionate preacher feels the pang of mistrust.

Each competent professional can identify with Jesus.

By the time you reach Mark 8:11-12, Jesus has a long history of healing, curing, casting out demons and feeding thousands. His fame precedes him. Yet, those meeting him were either ignorant, operating as an ostrich (head in the sand), or were politically blind. I believe the later.
He arrives at Dalmanutha after crossing the Sea of Galilee. He is met by argumentative Pharisees. They demanded evidence in order to set Jesus apart from all others like him. (Does this make sense to you? Was he not already set apart?). They wanted an “official” authentication of His being sent by God. They were rejecting all the well-documented evidence accepted by others. The sign they demanded must come direct from heaven, thus appealing for God’s certification.

They were putting Jesus on trial to determine:
  1. His quality of work
  2. His thoughts
  3. How he would react or behave.
Their attempt at craftiness was lame.

Did you sense Jesus’ deep sigh? You could if you are been there. You would if your work has been questioned. You would if you have been tried. I identify with Jesus’ frustration at the stubborn partisanship of these men.

Result: JESUS DID NOT BEND. He believed you should not put God to the test. He not only did not give them a sign, he left the area. The good he would have done would not happen because of these men.

He was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin.

I know!

Thanks Jesus!

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