Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Parable of Salt and Ketchup

My neighbor and I slipped some matches out of the kitchen and headed for the woods behind the house. We had decided to 'smoke' something non-addictive, and would not get us into trouble with our parents. No, it was not 'Mary J.' or tobacco. It was honeysuckle. Young boys could light up a short piece of honeysuckle vine, with its hollow center, and pretend they were tough. Together we 'smoked' about 10 inches, proving to ourselves our intestinal fortitude.

When I got home from my escapade, mom announced we were having one of my favorites for supper -- fried potatoes. She hyped it up this night, causing me to commit enthusiastically to eating an exorbitant amount. When those gems were finished cooking, mom made sure they had plenty of salt, and lots of ketchup on the side, just like I liked them. 

Little had I realized what was happening to my tongue while I was pretending to be tough. But it became very apparent with the use of salt and ketchup.

The intense heat from my 'smokes' had slowly split my tongue. The salt and ketchup caused a fiery feeling on the tongue.

When I quickly slowed down eating ketchup and salt laden potatoes, mom turned on the 'guilt trip'. To cover up my pretensions, I kept eating fire. Again and again the flames burned my sore tongue. It was too much torture to continue . I to confessed my actions. (Mom later said she had smelled the smoke on my clothes).

Hidden actions were revealed.

Where do you find light fixtures? Which are the under the kitchen sink or the couch? That is right, neither.

What is the purpose of lights? Is it to reveal things hidden by darkness?
Jesus tells us in Mark's account of the parable of the lamp, lights are not under baskets, but are on lamp stands. Why? To reveal the hidden.

His point is everything will be revealed. 

Is he talking about everything needed for salvation, or is he talking about every sin and evil deed being uncovered? Answer: Yes. Both. God has given us, revealed to us, everything that pertains to life and godliness. Read Eph. 3:3-5 or Col. 1:26. Everything needed for salvation is in the Bible.

God has also given us, revealed to us, how all sin will be revealed. Even the Old Testament had such passages. Read Heb 4:13 or Rev. 20:12-13

Have you been hiding something?

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