Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They Stone Their Gods

I am constantly surprised with how fast large numbers of people change their minds (as though I never would do that--haha!)

Two years ago President Obama was hailed as the new hope to change Washington, D.C.  Now he is, on occasion, viewed as a liability to his own party.

Katrina roared ashore into New Orleans and the Gulf Coast causing catastrophic levels of damage. The outcry from my part of the nation was to help 'American Refugees' to get their lives back. It has been five years, the city hasn't fully recovered, lives are still not repaired, and the attention has shifted to the BP oil slick clean-up.

Man is a fickle species. They have been for more than 20 centuries. 

I read a story recently about a lame man being healed by two out-of-town dudes. When the locals saw him jumping, whooping, and 'hollerin', they assumed the Gods had come down to earth. They called the strangers (Gods) Zeus & Hermes.

It was everything the duo could do to dissuade the citizens in making sacrifices to them. You would think the people would put them on a 'pedistal' forever for doing such a noble thing. But it was only a short time later that leaders from a neighboring city came to town, and quickly stirred  up the people. Before you could sneeze, Paul is stoned and drug from the city as dead.

Maybe the best example of men changing their tune was what happened to Jesus. On Sunday he was given a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, but by noon Friday he was dieing on a cross.

Does this show the fickleness of men? Or does it reflect the work of infiltrators?
I believe it was neither. I believe these were the successful works by the "rulers of darkness", the same ones we fight against.

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  1. Oh yes...........we do tend to go with the flow don't we?


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