Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Jesus Said About "Things" (Part 3)

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Part 3 of What Jesus Said About “Things” is much simpler. But with simplicity comes reader participation. Please click on the links to read the passage or open your own Bible. Then consider the question.

What did Jesus teach about using “things” for Him? Mark 14:3-9 has the story of a woman anointing Jesus with a very expensive perfume. Did he approve?

What does Jesus say about financial contributions?
Read the story of the woman giving her last 2 copper coins while others gave by the bagful (Mark 12:41-44). What did He think?

Can the rich get to heaven? Is it possible? What about the camel and the eye of a sewing needle?
Jesus says it is possible with God, but not by man's feeble abilities. (Mark 10:23-27)

Are the rich automatically rejected, or have they received all they are going to get? His answer is in Luke 6:24.

What does Jesus say about worrying over necessities? He said worry is ineffective, so don't! (LINKS TO Matthew 6:25-34; Luke 12:22-31)

If you are sued for a possession, what should you do? Check out His statement in Luke 6:29.

If you help others, what is your reward? His answer is Luke 6:38.
How much did the despised Samaritan spend on a usually-hateful Jew in the Good Samaritan story? Look for two answers in Luke10:29-37.

If your business has enjoyed a very successful year, what should be your response? Jesus addresses the concern in Luke 12:12-21.
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What did Jesus think about "Things" in Part 1? Part 2?

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