Saturday, October 9, 2010

Once in a Thousand Years

TENTH day of the TENTH month of the TENTH year occurs one time every thousand years. The first time it occurred was two years before Jesus made his first trip to Jerusalem.  In 732 a.d. at Tours, France the Muslims invasion of Europe was halted, but I found nothing on the internet concerning the events of October, 10, 1010.

Consider this question: Is it the historical events of the day that make it important, or the potential of what could happen that makes it special? History is important, but it is the potential that excites us. 

What will make 10-10-10 special this year in particular? It is the only time this day will occur for another 1000 years.

Here are a few things that the Bible says can happen.
  • 1 Sam. 10:19. I can reject God 
  • Exod. 32:29 I could dedicate, or re-dedicate, myself to God 
  • Deut. 6:6  I can put His commands in to my heart. Would memorization be a way? 
  • Deut. 29:12 This day, 10-10-10, I can make a make a pack (promise) with God to do what he says. 
  • 1 Sam. 11:13  I can watch the Lord accomplishing salvation in the lives of my friends and others. Could it be my day? 
  • Heb. 3:7.  This could be the day I start listening to God instead of the devil. 
  • Luke 19:9.  Is this the day salvation comes to my house? Your house? A neighbor's? A relative? 
  • Luke 23:43. This might be the day I leave this earth and go to Paradise.
Yes, 10-10-10 could be a VERY INCREDIBLE DAY! It will be the only one like it for the next 1000 years. It is the POTENTIAL that makes this date SPECIAL.
Now, consider this question. What is the difference between 10-10-10 and 10-11-10? Or which is the better date, 10-11-10 or 10-13-10?

Isn't it true any of the things the Bible said can happen on 10-10-10 can happen on ANY DATE? It is not the DATE that makes it special, it is what we DO WITH IT that makes ANY DATE special.
Besides, isn't right now the only day like this in recorded history?  Make today, whatever the date, special. It is unique.


  1. Amen!
    It'll be awhile before we do it Again!
    Next time...
    See you in heaven.

  2. tee hee! 10-10-10 happens every century, not ever 1000yrs. The next time it will happen is on October 10, 2110.


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