Thursday, December 8, 2011

What Jesus Said About “Things”

How can they market goods for such a low cost? Black Friday specials are excessively entrancing. I do not need a 52” HDTV, but the prices have been deeply slashed. I can save so much, just by using a credit card in the middle of the night.

Sobering up from my dream-like misplacement of conscientiousness, I grill myself, “Am I setting my sights on stockpiling essentials or am I fixating on the gadgets I crave?”

These three posts review Jesus' charges and fundamentals about articles we have a passion for in contrast to our essential goods. Questions may be hard-nosed or thorny. Please, we aware.

Jesus made clear “things” should not be a temptation.
Read Matthew 4:1-4. Jesus fasted for 40 days. Fasting is more than not eating. When it was meal time, he dedicated himself to prayer and contemplation.

After His fast, He was hungry. The devil used His hunger to tempt him to change stones (a non-satisfying “thing”) into bread (a satisfying “thing”). Because He was focused by fasting, He effortlessly trampled the tempter by reciting the sacred writings. Jesus held “things” as wants.

Jesus expected His followers to walk away from their tools of the trade.
In Matthew 4:18-22 He called Peter and Andrew. They left THEIR NETS and followed Him. He called James and John. They left THEIR BOAT, their hired help, and their father. They followed Him.

Some trades require workers to own their tools. Are you one? If you have changed vocations, are you saving the tools in the event you might need extra income? What does keeping the tools declare about your leaning on God for essentials?

Jesus expects disciples to lean on God for daily food, and everything else.
Matthew 6:8”...For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” Check out Matthew 6:11 “Give us this day our daily bread.” And Luke adds, in 11:3, “Give us day by day our daily bread.”

If we count on God for daily food, clothes, home, etc, why do we distress ourselves this time of year with all this optional stuff? Can God not fill our needs? Does He need our helping-hand to get just the right kind, size, or name brand?

Jesus said not to keep your treasures down here.
Why does Jesus discuss moths, rust, and thieves in Matthew 6:19-20? Don't security lights keep the thieves away? Doesn't ADT keep our homes safe? Why do we have banks?

Is His statements really about moths, rust, and thieves, or is it about where our hearts are? Read verse 21, or Luke 12:34.

Do we trust our stuff, or the need-supplying God? Do we lust for our peer's recognition (derived from our things), or confirmation from God?

What does Jesus assert about serving mammon? Wastefulness? Rewards for serving God? Find the answers in What Jesus Said About “Things” Part 2. Please read soon.

Part 3 addresses these topics:

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