Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Voice

I am lucky to have had an uncle like Pete. Well, actually, he was my great-uncle Pete. He could tell stories better than anyone.

One of my favorites was when he, Jimmy and Johnny went with their friend, Yeasus, up the high mountain. 

Uncle Pete's eyes would get so big when he told of how Yeasus' clothes started glowing white. He said they were as white as the sun, adding, "Professional-grade Clorox could not get them that white!" Once he said they were "nuclear" white.

Then he said the three of them were joined by two other men. Yeasus called one Elij and the other Mo, Uncle Pete said. To help me grasp how important the event was, Uncle Pete said these men had been God's leaders years before.

He said he had not been this scared many times before, especially when he realized who was with Yeasus. He **saw** the men. They **looked** and **sounded** real, but both had been dead more than 1000 years. 

Uncle Pete always started laughing at this point in the story. His face would mildly blush as he told of how he started talking before he started thinking. 

"Teacher," (a title for Yeasus), Uncle Pete would say loudly. "Let's build three sacred tents to commemorate the occasion -- one for each of you!" Then he would lean over to me and whisper, "I was so scared I didn't know what to say," he ended with a little chuckle.

Uncle Pete never knew where the thick, stormy cloud came from, but suddenly it did more than fly over. It settled and surrounded them. 

Uncle Pete's face always changed. There was something in his memory still scaring him. His eyes would glaze over and his voice would tremble. Few stories were as powerful to Uncle Pete as this one. 

I think what he heard was God speaking, but Uncle Pete called it 'The Voice'.
Uncle Pete, helping everyone sense the awesome power of The Voice, would thunder at the top of his lungs,"THIS is MY SON. He is the one I LOVE! LISTEN TO HIM!" 

When Uncle Pete looked around, re-enacting the moment, he would say, "When The Voice stopped, only Yeasus was still there." 

He stopped. He looked me straight in the eyes. "The Voice told me to listen only to Jesus. And I tell you, pay attention to everything Yeasus said and did. I have told you His stories. Yeasus is the son of The Voice."

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  1. Elij didn't die when I heard Pete tell the story.
    Heh Heh...


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