Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Mrs. Stevie"

Mrs. "Stevie": "Where were you at this morning? I looked around the church building and I didn't see you? You should be here, you know?"

Me: "I was here, Mrs. Stevie. I sat back by Ken and Diana. You didn't see me?"

Mrs. "Stevie": Are you 'back-sliding'? (eyes twinkling) "Well, I was looking for you to be sitting in front of me, like  you always do."

Me: "Mrs. Stevie, thanks for caring." (hugging her)

Mrs. "Stevie": "You know I do, and all your kids and your wife, too!"

Me: "I know!"

Conversations like these were a staple of Mrs. Gladys Stevens. A wiry little grin from a caring spit-fire of a woman made her everyone's delight. Everyone appreciated Mrs. "Stevie's" motherly guidance, courage, caring ways, and her twinkling eyes.

I met her at about 77 years old. I saw her at every service of the church. Her  broken hip when she was in her 90s did not stop her. She loved Jesus.

Not many see 100 birthdays, and even fewer stay faithful to God's writings.
It has been well said by Solomon, "A woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised."

God wanted this kind woman near him, and took her home. 

Mrs. Gladys Stevens, dead at 102. 

To God: "Thanks for loaning her to us for a little while."

To "Stevie": "Thanks!

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  1. an inspiring woman! Gone to her glory with the Lord!


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