Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Commercials -- Awgh!

I saw the one tonight for DayQuil that almost fools us.

Man in a car. DayQuil in the seat. Driver in heavy coat. Man comes banging on window while seeing the words "Never take a sick day, On Game DAY". Driver climbs out of the car, shedding his coat and shirt. He reveals the same NFL symbol on his chest that his two other friends have. 

Good commercial? Well, it made the point very well for Vicks DayCare.

Here is their mistake. They want you to think the three friends are going to a professional football game to stand shirtless in a snowy-cold stadium. The symbol they proudly wear is that of the New Orleans Saints.

Did you catch it?

They are going to stand shirtless in the New Orleans Superdome at 72 balmy degrees, which is warmer than my house at this moment. 

Such toughness.

Such intelligence.


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