Friday, October 15, 2010

Zeb and Sons Fishing Company

Zeb had always been a commercial fisherman. He had followed in the steps of his father, a fisherman. Over the last decade he and his boys had experienced phenomenal company growth and expansion. Grandpa would have been proud of the boy’s work ethics. And his dad would have been proud when Zeb began to hire employees to accommodate increased demand.

This success had translated into a better income for the company, himself, the boys, and their families. The company, with freshly hired help, now could add two boats to their mini-fleet. Now they could fish, dry, pack and ship two and sometimes three shifts each day.

But his sons, Jimmy and Johnny, were something else. They were true Galileans. Yes, they were brothers, and yes, they fought among themselves. But he, nor his wife, could cool their tempers. They were a pair of hot-heads. And they fed off each other’s anger making them fierce in debates. If you found them separated you might win a heated discussion, but if the second one showed up, it was time to hush and leave. Zeb called them Thunder's Sons.

Although they were fierce competitors, they could be equally loving and thoughtful. There were times when Johnny was young that he wanted to spend extra time with mom, and he could because of the success of the business. Jimmy had an uncanny ability to see the needy and empathize with them. Zeb didn't understand where this came from considering how wealthy the boys had always lived.

But about a week ago Zeb and Sons Fishing suddenly became Zeb's Fishing. No, there was no mutiny. Both his sons had suddenly quit. Zeb could make no sense of it. Here the two successful, hard working sons had a growing company to manage after his death and a very healthy income. But they had just walked out. It was so sudden. They just left Zeb and the hired help in the boat. They didn't wait to get home. They didn't discuss this major change in the business with him. They just left. And what was more, when they left, they walked off with those small-time competitors from down the road, Pete and Andy.

He could not understand what this Jesus from Nazareth had to offer that he couldn't give them. He just did not understand!

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