Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Is Responsible?

Who has never made one life better?

Who would never urge one person to do right?

Who is responsible for the child with swollen checks in the emergency room? Could it be an enraged father?

In the E.R. is a black, blue, and green teenage girl. Her drug-crazed 'boyfriend' thought she was a punching bag. Who's responsible?

The alcoholic passed out in the grass with the near-black complexion was 'helped' by whom?

Who is responsible for the starvation in Somalia?

Who keeps the middle-east in turmoil?

Who creates ego-maniacs in Hollywood?

Apathy in Christ's church is caused by whom?

Who prompted Bethany Storro to throw acid on herself and blame a "random black woman"? (Arkansas Democrate-Gazette, 9-18-10)

Who incited Dallas Amber Smith to stab a man because he teased her about having stinky feet? (Ibid)

Who caused James Willie Jones to storm a school bus and threaten children because they were reportedly bullying his 13-year-old daughter? (Ibid)

David Garrett stole the identity of a dead baby to get a false passport. (Ibid). Who made him do it?

There is no mortal man this evil.

Is this a real enemy?

Who's is ultimately responsible? 1) The Devil a.k.a. Satan; 2)principalities; 3)rulers of darkness
So how do we fight against him / them?  James makes it simple. Resist him.

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  1. If I may add a comment on the resisting of the needs to be done through Jesus.
    Without Jesus we are no match.


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