Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I love to win. Don't you?

As a child on the school playground I always wanted to be a cowboy. They had the guns and almost always won against the Indians.

In games of backyard football I loved being handed the ball. I certainly wasn't fast, but I could carry most of the defense with me over the goal line. We won frequently.

Ever since I can remember I 'called the hawgs'  (the Razorbacks) from my living room, especially when the were winning against Texas. (I am very convinced they heard me in Fayetteville. Everyone else did!  :-) )

In college I enjoyed winning at foosball against my friend 'Fuzzy' (which was not often enough). 

I love to win. Don't you?

Three days after Independence Day in 1967 I was added to THE winning team.
My captain never looses.

HE wants me on His team. He paid a very high price for me to be a team member. It does not matter to Him if I am fast or slow. He just wants me to play, to compete every down, every swing, every stroke, or every move.

What is more is that our team is not going to lose.  I can play like a confident winner, without gloating, taunting, or being unsportsman-like to any other contestant. I should not concern myself with the setbacks I might cause, but instead make adjustments before the next play. I must improve myself and my team. 

The opponent's discouraging talk should not dampen my attitude, the spirit of a winner.  Since me and my teammates know his trick plays, especially the ones that make us think we are about to lose, we pay no attention to them and succeed. Even his greatest scheme, the one when he threatens death, has no effect. You see, our Captain out-smarted him by overcoming it, and then gave His team the training to overcome it too.

I love to win. Don't you?

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