Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Preparing for War

The American military is publicized as the best prepared military in the world. I have seen, nor heard any reason to think otherwise.

They make this claim based on the amount and types of preparation demanded from our troops. Eight weeks of 'boot camp' is just the beginning. There are continually drills to keep soldiers physically ready. Exercises are habitually forced on GIs to test their mental metal. The are prepared for the worst of enemies.

Those who teach or preach that once you are a Christian everything will be lovely are simply, but kindly, wrong.  They neglect their enemy. My enemy is out to do me harm now that I claim to be a disciple of Jesus.

The Bible repeatedly presents the devil as injuring God's warriors.

     * Nehemiah recognized the plot of Sanballet & Geshem as they planned "to do me harm."
     * Anger, Wrath and Fretting "only causes harm".
     * The devil is called my "adversary".
     * Jesus says the Devil is a murderer and the father of lies
     * On occasions the "wicked one" "snatches" the "word of the kingdom" from individuals.
     * We all know how he tempted Eve, and the sad outcome of that confrontation.
     * What did Satan do to Job, God's servant?
     * When Satan won the battle with Judas, what was the end result? Betrayal?
     * Satan infiltrates our ranks when he "transforms" himself.
     * He decimates God's army with with fake wonders & signs.

So if anyone thinks Christian living is like being on the playground, the need to reconsider. He just WANTS you to think its a playground. Its really a deadly battlefield.

The Devil is going to fight you with every gun he has until you are back in his powerful army. It is a life or death struggle everyday.

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  1. Amen! Which is why we need the Christian armor described in Ephesians! We need to read the Word of God and fill our mind with the positive and wholesome messages it needs!


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