Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jairus on TV (part 1)

Reporter: "In the TV studio today, we have a local celebrity and prominent religious leader, Jairus. He has come to tell us of a recent event involving himself and Jesus, the traveling preacher-healer. Welcome to the show, Jairus."

Jairus: "Thank you for inviting me. I am glad to be here."

Reporter: "It is our understanding your daughter recently suffered a very seriously illness. Could you tell us about her and her illness?"

Jairus: "I would be glad to. My daughter is a very petite girl for her age. This case of pneumonia-like crud began when..."

Reporter (interrupting): "Excuse me! Is that what the doctors called it, or is that your description?"

Jairus: "Yes ma'am! They called it 'pneumonia-like crud'. The doctor had never seen anything exactly like it. His uncertainty was compounded by her small size. When he got the best medicine, the dosage was too strong. When he considered her body size and calculated the dosage, then the medicine was worthless. The entire time she was hospitalized, she got weaker and weaker. She was in a vicious, downward spiraling cycle."

Reporter: "Was the ever a moment you gave up hope?"

Jairus: "I will not say we gave up hope, but there were times we could see only doom. For example, when our doctor took us to his office and sat us down. He told us he had consulted a doctor just returning from Jerusalem Medical Science University. They had no answers. Our doctor advised us to take her home and make her as comfortable as possible until the end. He said there was nothing more he could do."

Reporter: "So you took your small daughter home. You looked at her knowing the doctors had given up. Tell us of your thoughts."

Jairus: "The first 36 hours my wife and I were in total shock. We could not fathom her not finishing high school. She would never drive a car. She was slowly dying. In one of those depressed moments, I remembered friends of mine telling stories about Jesus from Nazareth. I read in the Galilean Gazette how he healed many that came to him. I am a friend of the now-clean leper. I remember all his talk. An acquaintance told of four men tearing off a roof to lower their friend before Jesus. Jesus healed him, he said. I heard about a man, like me, with a close family servant dying. He went to Jesus, and asked Him to heal the servant by giving the order. They say it worked, but I do not know. I have heard many stories of Jesus healing by touching people. I know some are true. I began thinking, 'Why not my girl?'"
Reporter: "So what did you do?"
Jairus: "A neighbor came by to visit her. They said Jesus was in town. I asked, 'Where?' They told me. I bolted out the door. I did not know what I would do, but I knew I had to get there."
Reporter: "What happened next?"
Jairus: "Before I got across town, I thought about how to speak to Jesus. I am a ruler of a synagogue, a leader, and I must act accordingly. I decided to show dignity when I met this transient preacher. But when I approached him, I realized how great He was. I fell at his feet and worshiped Him. I begged and pleaded for Him to touch my daughter."
Reporter: "I did not know worshiping men was allowed in the Judaism. I thought you could worship only God?"
Jairus: "You are right. We should worship only God. But Jesus is God! Who else could heal my leper friend, or prevent death, or make the lame walk? No one but God could do these things."
Reporter: "How did Jesus respond?"
Jairus: "He gently accepted my worship and did not gripe at my little faith. He said, 'Well, let's go.'"
Reporter: "Was there not an interruption, while you, Jesus, and the crowd were going to your house?"
Jairus: "Yes, there was. A woman as desperate as me touched Jesus."
Reporter: "Jairus, we will come back to hear about this interruption and the conclusion of your remarkable story in just a moment. But right now, a word from our sponsors."
Would you evaluate three ideas from this story?
  1. Was Jairus was right? Could Jesus have shamed him for being a ruler of a synagogue and not having greater faith? He did not. Jesus will not scold you for having a small faith.
  2. Bad events happen. God does not make bad events. He does allow them. Wretched days prompt us to look for Jesus' help. Jesus takes the Devil's gruesome crisis and turns it to stunning, sublime and splendid days. Have you enjoyed one of these lately?
  3. Jesus will fortify your faith. Strengthening requires your complete trust. Read the stories of Jesus. He enhances faith in active followers. Are you reading about Him? Following him daily?

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