Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Good. No Bad.

Today was insane at the Galilee Gazette. It required more reporters than usual and none of the news stories they were bad. It was all good news. Imagine that: more good news than bad. The reporters had to re-think how to cover the stories. And there were so many of them.

This man, from a tough city west of here, was healing everyone of everything bad. If they had diabetes, he fixed it. If they had cancer, it was removed without surgery, radiation, or chemo. Epileptics stopped having seizures.

Take Dominique for example. Two years ago he was bucked off his horse, broke his neck, and hasn't walked since. But today he is walking, thanks to the new resident of Capernaum. His story was inspiring. His joy was unspeakable. His parents cried. His children screamed. Now, which aspect (inspiration, parents, children) should the reporter investigate??

And Jacqueline's story is no less awesome. After having her skull cracked from her father backing over her with the chariot, she has not said a word. Today, eight years later, she is talking clearly without a speech therapist. She told her own story, with her own voice, of being filled with years of pain and frustration, and now completely ok. The reporter thought he had a one-of-a-kind story, of healing relating to the new face in town.

How wrong the reporter was. The same man, doing so many good things, in the same town, with people from all over. And all the reporters were getting the same story.

It didn't matter if the person was a Jew or not. He just healed them all. Even the little girl with leprosy from over near Damascus (more than a two-day walk).

And the local economy has suddenly improved.The T-shirt shop was reported to have sold out of the "He Fixed Me" T-shirts for the third time. They can't make them fast enough. And the grocery store reporting business almost as brisk as Thanksgiving in America. Even the Gazette is considering running a special section if they can get the ads sold and produced by tomorrow's deadline.

Politicians are getting in on the frenzy. They say this man has come to Galilee to escape the certain persecution mounting against the family and followers of John after he was incarcerated recently by Herod. The Gazette's contacts in Jerusalem have not been able to confirm or deny these statements.

We are so ingrained at hearing all the negative things going on in our world. Today, at you can read these depressing headlines: reports Anger rises as adequate aid fails to reach Pakistan

Now, here is a tough one for me to answer. You might have trouble too.  How would I react to real news stories like these?

It might have something to do with my needs. If I was healthy, I might be curious, or indifferent. If I was in pain / sick / hurt/ etc, I might be scrambling to do anything to get there. I might be thinking, "This just might be the one who can help."

He represented hope to many, He was not important to others. But I might be viewing him through the eyes of my need. The greater the need, the more hope. The lesser the need, the more passiveness.

So how would you react?

Please tell us what you might be thinking in the comment box? Let's see if we can help each other.

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  1. I like the T-shirt Idea....when do we get one?


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