Friday, January 21, 2011

Jairus on TV (part 2)

Reporter: "Welcome back to the show. We have with us today Jairus. He is the ruler of the local synagogue. We continue his story. He was telling us of an episode with Jesus the migrant preacher-healer, Himself, and his very sick 12-year-old daughter. Jairus, you told us when you met Jesus you crumpled at His feet worshiping. Then you begged Him to place His hands on her and heal her. Did you say Jesus consented readily?"

Jairus: "Yes, I did. He happily came with me."

Reporter: "On the way home, there was a bizarre occurrence? Would you tell us what happened?"

Jairus: "We were interrupted."

Reporter: "An interruption? Did Jesus change His mind?"

Jairus: "No change of mind. It was just a momentary hiccup. The crowd was packed. Everybody was grating each other. 'Throng' paints the picture. Suddenly, Jesus froze. He said, 'Who touched my clothes?'"

Reporter: "The mob was grinding against each other, and Jesus asks, 'Who touched me?' Did it make sense to you?"

Jairus: "No, it did not. And it did not make sense to His disciples either. They expressed concern about Him deserting His sanity. "Whatzup with you? Everybody is touching you," they said. Jesus eyed each person. He concentrated on one woman. She appeared to shrink. She was quivering. But she had the most curious smile."

Reporter: "Who was she? And why that look?"

Jairus: "I do not know her. But I was an eyewitness to the story. She kneeled before Jesus, like I did. She described how for 12 years she had a ceaseless menstrual flow. For 12 years, she was barred from the synagogue. Considered 'unclean' for 12 years is sad. The doctors had tested the newest treatments and remedies, she said. Nothing had worked. The doctors had all her money. Rather than getting better, 'I am worse,' she told Jesus."

Reporter: "What is your opinion about this woman delaying YOUR daughter's recovery?"

Jairus: "Initially, my heart yelled 'Don't stop.' But I saw her; I heard her story. I realized her hopelessness. She was like me. She related how she kept telling herself, "If I can touch his clothes, I will be healed." She finished, saying, 'The moment I touched the hem of His robe, the source of my illness dried up. I felt it deep inside.'"

Reporter: "What did Jesus think and do?"

Jairus: "I do not know what He thought, but for a twinkling moment He looked like He had accomplished something important. He said her faith had made her well. She could now be on her way and be completely healed."

Reporter: "How did this impact you?"

Jairus: "I knew I had witnessed something special. I was happy to watch her go with life and hope in her eyes. My faith grew a little."

Reporter: "Was that when you got the sad news?"

Jairus: "Just as my faith in Jesus began to grow, I got some very bad news."

Reporter: "Jairus, we want to listen to the bad news and the remarkable twist in your story. But, now we need to take a break and hear from our sponsors. We will be back in three minutes. Stay tuned."

Would you think on these questions?
1. Are you a self-sufficient person?
2. Have you been desperate? Was Jesus your only answer?
3. Does desperation produce a new view of the problems of others?
4. How does the uplift of others affect you?

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