Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jairus on TV (part 3)

Reporter: "Welcome back for our final segment. Jairus, ruler of the local synagogue is with us today. He has told us of encountering Jesus. Before the last break you said Jesus had just healed a very desperate woman of a 12-year bleeding issue. Then, wretched news arrived."

Jairus: "It was very bad news. I had ran to Jesus to ask him to cure my tomboy before she died. Jesus, the throng, his disciples and I were traveling to my house. There He could place His hands on her to heal her. This is when Roy, my chief servant arrived. He said my 12-year-old was dead."

Reporter: "How heartbreaking! Did you blame the woman for impeding the procession?"

Jairus: "No. It made no difference. Roy ask me why we would inconvenience Jesus any further. I agreed. But Jesus said, 'Don't be afraid. Believe.' Jesus quickly sent the throng away, pick Pete, Jim and Johnny to come, and gestured for us to get going."

Reporter: "What was Jesus suggesting? Why did he restart his trek to your home?"
Jairus: "When it was happening, I was not sure. I just resumed guiding Him to my house."

Reporter: "Describe the scene when you got home?"

Jairus: "The world was insane. People dashing here and there. The employed mourners had arrived, crying and wailing. It was incomprehensible. This could not be my house. Jesus perceived my look. He ask why everybody was so dramatic? Then He said, 'The child is not dead, but sleeping.'"

Reporter: "Do you think Jesus was having a rationality issues?"

Jairus: "It was surreal. I was not sure what he meant. So I was not sure what was happening. I believed Roy. He said my daughter was dead. It irked me was how everybody reacted to Jesus. They slandered Him, and ridiculed his intelligence. It was awful. Yet, they did not delay Him from His chosen work. He hustled everybody out of the house."

Reporter: "What happened next?"

Jairus: Jesus took me, Mom, and the disciple trio to the bedroom where she had been bathed and laid out before burial. He took her hand. He told her, 'Little girl, I'm telling you to get up.' Instantly, her eyes opened. She looked around, saw Jesus ,the trio, Mom, and me. She got up. She walked to her mother and me. My 12-year-old was alive again! The trio gaucked, Mom cried, and I was awestruck."

Reporter: (with contempt) "You are telling us your daughter is alive?? She was dead, and Jesus brought her to life again??"

Jairus: "That is exactly what I said; exactly what happened! She is here in the studio audience today. Would you like to meet her?

Reporter: (stumbling for words) "Uh..., well, Uh, ... yes!"

Jairus: "Child come here and sit with me." (The daughter walks down the stairs, past the audience3, and up on stage. She is well dressed, clean, and healthy. She captures the audience with her 'tin-grin', showing her braces.) (Jairus, with decisiveness) "This is my daughter Jesus returned to me!"

Reporter: (shocked) "Amazing!" (Then, to the studio audience) "I have never visited with a previously-dead person before. This will be fun." (The crowd cheers, and give the child a standing ovation.) (Addressing the TV audience) "Thank you for watching today. Join us again for more amazing stories from the life of Jesus."

I submit these questions for your consideration.
  1. What is it like to hear your loved-one is dead?
  2. Was there helplessness?
  3. Did routine events not make sense?
  4. Picture holding your loved-one again. Can Jesus raise the dead?

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  1. There is that surreal feel that you referred to.
    And yes...the shock changes all every day events.
    I wish we could "bring them back." I would like to visit with my Mother and my Father again in particular. But it motivates me to live a good life, walk in the that I will be with them some day.


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