Thursday, February 10, 2011

Better Ideas?

(Writer’s Note: Better Ideas will reach it’s impact unless you have read the first three posts in this serices. Please take a few minutes to read Abortion; then Mom And Dad Are Going To Kill Me, and I’m Not Ready To Be A Parent. Thank you.)

I want you to review a principle of God. I believe a governing principle for society’s junctures, including abortion, must be love. But, what is love?

‘Love’ ranges from liking a brand of toothpaste to an erotic sexual experience. Love, as we will use in this post (and hopefully throughout life), will refer to the type of love that seeks only the best for the other person.

This is “agape,” the Greek noun for the loftiest love. When Jesus died on the cross for man’s sins, He demonstrated what was best for us – “agapao” (the verb form). Yes, Jesus loved men when he healed their paralysis, cured their leprosy, or resurrected the dead, as in the case of Jairus. But in laying down His “life for his friends,” He exhibited the greatest love.

Sturdy Christian love treats others as they themselves would demand to be treated. The 'Golden Rule'  is found in Matt 7:12. Jesus affirms the consummate law is to love God supremely. The second is closely connected – love your neighbor (others) as you love yourself.

This sacrificial love solves many abortion issues (my opinion).

If you love yourself, will you put your soul in danger of eternal hell? The loving God is also just. He is all-powerful and all-knowing.

If love is established as our life-guide, will we do what is best for the child? Or will self dominate? Here is what might result:
  1. Become a planned adoption mother. Use trustworthy adoption agencies to communicate with families wanting children. Maybe a family would help with medical expenses as you ‘grow’ their child. Is this an 'accidental' surrogate mom?
  2. In a case of rape, complete the pregnancy. At birth, have him/her placed for adoption.
  3. If pregnancy is outside a legitimate marriage, briefly visit a relative in a distant town. Complete the pregnancy and put him/her up for adoption. Then return home from an 'extended vacation' with Auntie M.
  4. As pregnancy length increases, the chances the mother or father will keep the child grow. Attitudes change with time and a supportive family. Why put the child up for adoption if he/she is loved?
I do not advocate marriage between the 'accidental' parents. Marriages based on an 'accident' fail often. Suddenly, there is a single-parent raising an infant.


What ‘Better Ideas’ can you add? I know what I have is introductory, not exhaustive. Please share with others your additions.

If you have not do, please read the first three posts in this series.

The final installment will be posted soon.

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