Saturday, February 5, 2011

Never Give Up!

Have you ever been fortunate to be your father's favorite?

Have you ever been belittled because you were the beloved? Don’t give up.

Ever battled your brothers? Don’t give up.

Did they toss you in a room with no way out? Ever been pitched in a deep hole? Don’t give up.

Ever had a brother trade you to a transcient merchant? Don’t give up.

Ever been traded by a transcient to an owner in a territory that talks in a different tongue?Don’t give up.

Joseph was the beloved boy, putting him in peril. But the Lord was with him.

The brothers dispised him. They hurled him in a hole. They sold him to foreign traders traveling to Egypt. They sold him as a slave to Potifer..

Genesis 39:2 begins with hefty words of hope. “The Lord was with him…”

If the Lord was with Joseph through the troubles, I know he will strengthen me for the small struggles I have.

So be like Joseph.

NEVER give up!

NEVER give up!

NEVER give up!

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