Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jesus was a Trekkie

I relished the original series of Star Trek. As a child, I remember being glued to the TV its hour every week. Legions of fans extol the words of William Shatner’s intro, “…Boldly going where no man has gone before.”

Jesus exemplified this well-known slogan. He boldly went where no man had gone before. Here is evidence.

First, Jesus was the exception to the norm. Consider:
Yes, Jesus was the exception.

As a Trekkie, Jesus could see what most men cannot see. He could look 3 to 4 miles into the darkness of night (4th watch). At night and at a large distance, He could see disciples “straining at the oars.” Today it continues to be impossible to see that well, unless you have night vision binoculars or a small telescope. Jesus did what no man had done before.

As a Trekkie, Jesus could “transported” himself onto places where no man has been before. No one before, or since, has successfully walked on water, but Jesus did. He walked several miles across a rough, wind-blown Sea of Galilee until he found the disciples.

Seriously, did Jesus really defy nature to walk on water? Or is this just another fantasy for a children’s storybook?

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  1. Yes...he even materialized before the apostles after his resurrection into their group behind closed doors!

    Maybe thats where Trek writers got their idea!


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