Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Even McDonalds??

I have heard how companies launch with very limited financial resources, but note what these traveling salesmen were asked to do.

They were forbidden to carry any kind of food with them. They could not carry a picnic. They could not use a lunch bag, lunch box or thermos. They were forbidden to carry food.
These salesmen could not carry a suitcase, no backpack, no duffel bag. Purses were prohibited. Even Wal Mart bags were banned.

As for money, think miserly. They could carry no cash. Debit cards were declined. Credit card were cut off. Checks were curbed. They could not have any nickels, dimes, or pennies.

There was no method of taking any extra clothes, if allowed. They were not.

The ONLY thing they could take with them was a large stick. That is all! And it was for defense against some demented dog or a maniac mugger.

Under these conditions, what chance of success does the company have? I ask an  acquaintance.“Somewhere between slim and none,” he replied. I agree. Don’t you?

Jesus sent the apostles on a "mini" mission to convert people, cure diseases, and cast out evil spirits. They did. And yet, the conditions above is how they traveled.

What is more, Jesus had them stay in the home of whoever would take them in.

What made this venture viable?

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