Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Chance Did She Have?

What chance did she have? Everything about her was wrong.

She read the Tyre Tribune daily, especially the World News Brief section. She knew it was valuable to stay current with world events. Three days ago she read of Jesus leaving Galilee traveling northwest.

She was not blessed to live in Judah or Galilee. The Jews lived southeast, with Jerusalem being a 5-6 day walk. She dreamed of living there. If she did, the now-famous Jesus could see her demon-possessed daughter. But Jesus would never leave Judah or Galilee. What chance did she have?

She was not a blessed Jew. Jesus, the healer, spent all his time with the Jews. They knew they were God’s only people. But she was Greek, light-years from being a Jew. If Jesus journeyed to Tyre, why would He notice her? What chance did she have?

She was not blessed to speak Jewish. Jews had their own language, Greeks another, and Phoenicians yet another. She was Greek, but raised as Phoenician. If by some crazy chance He did come to Tyre, and if He was agreeable to being near a Greek, how would she communicate with Him. What chance did she have?

She was not a blessed male. Males talk with males, not women. Women are personal property for men. So, if everything else aligned, she should not address Jesus. What chance did she have?

“You say He is where?” she asked. She was not concerned about the little chance of seeing Him. He could help her daughter!

“Please, please! I beg you,” she said. Her daughter had no chance without Jesus.

“All I am asking for are the crumbs,” she told Him. His analogy did not agitate. She believed He could. This is her only chance. It made no difference what He said.

He spoke in a familiar language. He said something about the devil being gone from her daughter. She ran home. Her daughter was still in bed, but the demon was gone.

What chance did she have? With a deep, active faith in Jesus, she had a 100-percent chance of success.

What chance do you have?

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  1. I love this story.

    I really speaks to my heart as a woman.

    Jesus notices women, even though we do not carry any grand positions in the church...or in some cultures do not have great value.

    He sees.

    It brings tears of gratitude to my eyes.


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