Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't Go Back

He was blind.

He had some friends in Bethsaida, a small fishing village. The town would one day have a "Woe" pronouncement by Jesus. But these were real friends among a village of unbelievers.

These real friends begged. Jesus is continually asked to help him. Jesus gently resists. Is Jesus testing them to show their faith? We are not told. Could God delay His answer to 'push' our faith into an action? Do we need to ask again and again? (Luke 18:1; Col 1:9; Acts 12:5; Phil 1:9)

Jesus lead him out of town, away from a potential crowd.

Jesus works with the blind man to give him precise eyesight. Another miracle in a town not inclined to believing. Another opportunity to believe, be disbelieving, or unbelieving. It is one thing to be shocked and temporarily not believe (DIS-believe), and it is another to decide not to believe or actively reject evidence (UN-belief). Many people in Bethsaida chose not to believe. This man's friends were believers. They were the minority.

Once healed, he was told NOT to enter the village. Again, we ask why? Again, there was no reason stated by Mark. Anything any man writes is purely conjecture or a guess. I might conjecture:
  • Jesus did wanted this new believer to experience more than the negative attitudes of his unbelieving community. Jesus frequently experienced negative attitudes and may have decided this was not best for him.
  • Jesus may have abandoned efforts to create faith in this area (Bethsaida and Korazin -- the neighboring town). He may have concluded it was not worth the headache at this time.
  • Jesus may have known the time was not right for the village to believe. But after a strong wake-up call, and the start of the disciples mission to teach all the world, it would be time.
Remember, this is conjecture. All these could be right. All these could be wrong.

He (the formerly blind) had specific orders to follow. What he would do would demonstrate his love for his healer. If he ( we/I ) loves Jesus, he ( we/I ) will do exactly what he ( we/I ) is told (John 14:15). If he ( we/I ) do anything else, it becomes evidence of his (our/my) lack of love for Jesus. Right?

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  1. So many people seem to think that folks who talk about obedience do not depend on God's grace.
    In fact, it is BECAUSE of God's grace that we obey, and are serious about following His commands.............a REACTION to His grace from a loving and thankful heart.


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