Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Isn't Mrs. Heffington Bald?

It is a wonder Mrs. Heffington didn’t go bald.

She tried EVERYTHING to get me to do my first grade class work on time. She sat fast-working students beside me. She had Robin (the prettiest girl in the entire first grade) to beg me to work faster. She did not allow me to play at recess. But I continued daydreaming of Robin and did my work leisurely. I am certain she pulled out hair daily.


Then she took me to Mr. Tumlison, the principal. He was HUGE, with a balding head, and BIG deep voice. I shook! He made sure I knew Mrs. Heffington was an authority to be obeyed. With little effort, he convinced me to work rapidly. I continued trembling! I think he felt me quaking over his knee before he delivered his three licks.

The next three days NO ONE got their work to Mrs. Heffington’s desk before me. I had learned about her authority.

In a previous post ("No, I Wont’ Wash My Hands"), I asked about authority in religion. Would you answer these questions? (Links are provided for your convenience.)
  • In Matt 7: 28-29, whom were the people comparing? Who did they think was an authority?
  • Who has power (authority) over nature? (Matt 8:23-27)
  • Who has power over death (John 11:38-44)?
  • What will happen if I do not accept Jesus as THE authority (John 12:48)?
  • What does Jesus claim (Matt 28:18)?
  • Where does Jesus have authority (Matt 28:18)?
  • How much authority does He claim (Matt 28:18)?
  • Compare a group obeying the dictates or by-laws of a convention with Jesus’ teachings. To whom should I listen?

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