Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating 1 Year

On July 14, 2010, late in the evening or early morning, I set up TheStruggle and wrote a description of what was being attempted. On July 15, 2010, the first two posts were made (More Than Learners and Grandpa Joe), thus beginning the effort.

This year-long trek through various emotional highs and lows has been a struggle all its own. Much of my personal heartaches from a year and a half ago have not been addressed, nor will they be in this forum. But I have addressed many of the spiritual issues which I encountered as a result of the heartaches. I know some readers are facing (or have faced) similar issues.

By sending out emails to many of my contacts, responding to questions, posting opposing views to other blogs with sinful perspectives, getting websites to host a link to TheStruggle (Prescott Church of Christ and Radically Christian), and YOUR FORWARDING EMAILS and “LIKING” TheStruggle ON FACEBOOK success has been better than I could ever have imagined.

This post celebrates OUR efforts

In one year, you and your friends have read TheStruggle 3506 times. That is an average of 9.6 times per day. Some days had no readers, but others had crazy spikes. Each of these lead to months of "mountains".

The Top Ten countries where the blog was read include:
  1. USA 3208
  2. Canada 38
  3. Russia 36
  4. Czech 28
  5. Iran 24
  6. Germany 23
  7. Denmark 17
  8. China 15
  9. France 13
  10. Poland 12
All these are just the top 10, there were many more with fewer than 12. See how well you spread the word.

It takes much writing and many “hits” before you start being high enough on Goggle to bring readers. We have been able to reach some readers simply because they goggled a phrase. Unknown readers have goggled "compare israel's struggle with sin with ours today " and “miracle jesus demons pigs” or “the last member of.”. They found a post and read. For fun put in a Google search box TheStruggle (One Word) and some Biblical subject, and see what happens. I just did TheStruggle and Marriage. Google returned two posts, #2 and #3 in the world. But, if you don't find TheStruggle in the top listing, it may be a subject needing attention. So, Email Me your idea.

And speaking of resources, there is now a total of 106 posts to read. Here is a screen-shot with the Top Ten Posts.

  1. Wrestling Passively                                                       106
  2. How did he get away with it?                                          57
  3. Eavesdropping at the Church Building                              55
  4. Mark's Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage                       53
  5. Abortion                                                                        37
  6. Unexpected Issues                                                          34
  7. Fingernails on the Wood.                                                 25
  8. Standing for ...                                                               24
  9. Mom And Dad Are Going To Kill Me…                           23
  10. (by the time I posted this, Matt's Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage had moved up to 7th place with 27 reads. 

The Top Ten posts indicate to me:

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for commenting!
Thank you for promoting!
And Thank You God for helping me and TheStruggle so many times.

Now, help me as we grow this effort for God over year two. Please.
What are your thoughts?
What would you like to read?
Have you been to TheStruggle on FaceBook page and "liked" us?

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