Friday, June 1, 2012


She was a famous singer. She died form an drug overdose. Now her home is for sale. It has been appraised for four million. That is a 4 with six zeros.

I am sure the house is wonderful. With that much money she could have a basketball court, or a large pond stocked with 8-lbs bass, or an amazingview of the ocean. I certainly hope she spend a lot of time there and was able to enjoy all its features repeatedly. It would be hard to get $4,000,000 worth of pleasure out of any home.

But I have this voice in the back of my head that keeps saying, "And then whose shall these things be?"  I think it is my version of Luke 12:16-20.

We can have nice things, enjoy them properly, and still be good servants of God. But greed is extremely sneaky. He will convince us that we "need" more, or that we "need" bigger, or better. Opulence follows, and that is not God's way.

In the 1930s a young preacher, walking on foot from one place to another, kept praying for God to send him good transportation. He envisioned traveling from place to place in a Model T. He just knew he could do more preaching if he was not spending so much time walking. But till God would answer his prayer, he decided, he would continue to walk. He continued to walk past farms with signs about horses for sale.

How much of what we "need" is really a need?

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  1. Well...that was a sudden ending! But I get it.
    He could just keep on walking...he didn't really "need" the horse either did he?


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