Sunday, June 3, 2012

You Can't Come In

The scanner barked the information to the patrol officer. "Two males beating on a church door. Inside, the members are watching a movie. They just want the men to go away."

People beating on the doors to get in and members trying to make them go away? Am I just dense, or is there something wrong with this picture?

Yes there is something wrong, but there has been something wrong for centuries.

Four men tore away a roof to get to Jesus. Inside were the curious, the self-righteous, and observers of the Jesus phenomenon. They were in the way. They prevented the needy from getting in.

Bartemaeus, the blind man, wanted his sight. With an obnoxiously load voice, he pleaded for Jesus' mercy. Instead of bringing him to Jesus, many sternly told him to shut up!

Parents brought their children to Jesus so he could touch them. But Jesus' own disciples were rebuking the parents. His own people were in the way.

The people of Dalmanuthia needed assistance in meeting Jesus. Their leaders insisted Jesus show them a sign as proof of his authority. The very people who could have helped, blocked access to the Savior.

Real occurrences. Real people. Real needs. But good people got in the way.

I ask myself these questions.
  • Does my occasional apathetic attitude get in the way of people who really need Jesus?
  • Am I in church to see, or be seen, by others?
  • Is my attitude preventing someone from knowing Jesus?
  • Do I want people to improve my life, or do I just want them to go away and leave me alone?
  • Does my sense of church etiquette get in the way of someone crying for His attention?

What answers do you get when you ask yourself these questions?

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