Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Supernatural Light, Voice Changes Politics

Did you read yesterday's Damascus Chronicle? Headline: 'Supernatural' Light, Voice Changes Politics. Yeah, and I am one of those who saw it all.

Three days ago i was walking with Josh, Saul, and 'Cooter'. We, under Saul's leadership, were tracking down members of a counter-cultural faction of Jews known as The Way. We had all the paperwork from the highest authorities in our society. We have already been very successful in Jerusalem, capturing and imprisoning these 'Jesus freaks'.

Nothing could have been more ordinary in our travels, when a really, really, bright light hit Saul. It was more bright than the sun and hit only him. We heard someone talking to him, but we couldn't find or see whoever it was. The voice said it was Jesus, but we couldn't even determine where the sound came from, much less who really said it. The light was SO bright. When Saul got up from off the ground, he couldn't see. I think it was because of the super-bright light. But what was more disturbing is that Saul was visibly emotionally shaken.

We helped Saul into town and found a place to stay. He didn't sleep, eat, or drink. He just sat in the corner praying, and praying, and praying. At this point I was very uncertain what to do. Saul would know what to do when he got over this, but when?

After three days this man, called Nias or something, came in and talked with Saul about, of all things, Jesus. I saw something that looked like contact lenses fall from Saul's eyes. But Saul didn't wear contacts. The next thing I knew Saul was being immersed like I've heard those 'Jesus freaks' do. Then he ate and began to feel better. Now, I assumed, we can get back to kicking butt.

Next morning we go to the synagogue, just like we always do when we check-in with the local officials. But NO!  Saul started telling everyone that Jesus was real. That Jesus really is alive, and he had heard him and saw him. He was acting like one of... THEM! As me and the other guys left the place, we saw some people, maybe those fanaticals, surrounding him and patting him on the back.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What does this have to do with me? I am a Gentile. Saul became a missionary to the Gentiles. Between Peter and Saul/Paul I have a chance, and so do you. Do I need a 'bright light' experience? No. I need just enough light to read these marvelous stories. They are better than any religious experience I could have. 

Start being a little fanatical today. Do something different. Read the Bible, and tell a friend about this blog. Thanks

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  1. I like this description of the scene "on the road to Damascus."


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