Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why "Red Letter Days"?

Why do we call them Red letter Days?
  • One possible response: The day you get to Name It and Win It. Sounds like a rare special opportunity.
  • Another response: The day you get to enter , Tanzania. Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime event, doesn't it.
  • One of the unique Red Letter Days I found was a video of an ordinary bus driver and how his regular Dutch riders treated him on his birthday. Go check this one out. I don't know what they said, but their actions and his re-action 'translated' just fine.
  • Or, as blogger Tom Davis reminds us, the phrase comes from how the Special religious holidays, on OLD calendars, were printed in RED
Any one of them could be a good illustration of a RED LETTER DAY, a day that was genuinely special to an individual, a day that changes life (or its direction) forever.

I think I had a Red Letter Day today. I had two major events happen today before lunch (and things didn't get smoother afterward either). Sorry, no details given.

It is just that these days are so rare they tend to shake us up. We try to get on with life, but  thoughts keep flashing through the old brain. Processing mundane activities become difficult, even frustrating.

And then I remember....
  • He stopped an argument among the 'special 12' by washing feet -- A Red Letter Day.
  • He told them he was about to die -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • One of his 'special 12' turned him over to the authorities -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • The other 11 abandoned him -- Yes, that same Red Letter Day.
  • He was treated like a common criminal -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • He had many people telling lies about him -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • He was dragged through an illegal trial -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • He was spit on, punched, slapped, mocked, ridiculed, and beaten within an inch of his life -- A big Red Letter Day.
  • His clothes were the 'jackpot' as the soldier who crucified him naked 'cast lots' for them -- The same Red Letter Day.
  • And then, on this Same Red Letter Day, he says, "Father, Forgive them. They have no idea what they are doing."
He did not survive His Red Letter Day. But that very Red Letter Day has deep meaning. It was the point in time my big mistakes against God were forgiven and atoned. A Red Letter Day with Red Letter Day size implications.

My day only had 2 things, and I feel like I'm just hanging on.

What is the matter with me? If I am His disciple, I must refocus! It is not about ME, it is about HIM. He accomplished so much good for others on his Red Letter day. What can I do with mine?

What should you do with your Red Letter days?

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