Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Than Learners.

I am so amazed with the complexity of some of Jesus' simplest things.

Take discipleship for example.

I was taught from a small child that a disciple is simply a learner. That was good enough for a small child, but a developing Christian must come to understand the demands of the concept. I have trouble with this one, and my society does too.

Disciples of His day were more than 'learners'. They walked everywhere he walked. They ate every meal he ate. They heard every speech, discussion, lesson, parable, and chide. They heard the questions, objections, complains, and anger against the man with whom they lived.

I'm a teacher. I am glad when  3:15 comes and the kids go home. They don't walk home to my house. They don't eat with me every meal. They don't hear my personal grips, quips, the 'speeches' I would like to tell some disgusting people, and how I 'chide them' while I am with my wife alone. They don't hear my anger. They are not forced to listen to upset parents questioning my classroom actions. They don't defend me from objections, complains and individual frustrations.

This is what the 12 disciples did everyday. And when Jesus didn't go home to "Momma Mary", but traveled the countryside, they slept where he did, or rowed the boat all night.

They worked hard to memorize all the important stuff a Son of God might say. Once memorized they discussed it with the other disciples to make sure they were understanding it well.

They totally surrendered themselves to Him. Pete, Andy, Jim and Johnny (Peter, Andrew, James and John) had walked off from a fishing career. Matt gave up $$$ as a tax collector. What would they have for all their sacrifice? Jesus answered them clearly in Matt. 19:27.

How demanding are Rabbis? Jesus made it very clear the relationship He wants with all His disciples. They should be closer than a family member (Luke 14:26-27). Mark 10:20-30 infers separation (or at least a lesser importance) from family  for Jesus and his gospel's sake. Matt. 10:38 tells what must come next. Jesus too, re-defines His family (Matt 12:47).

The struggle is to move from being a man who learns ABOUT Jesus to full SURRENDER of my most important relationships, my family. Total surrender is hard.

What makes total surrender a struggle for you?

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