Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spell Church

Spell church, he said.

A member of the congregation said, "C-H-U-R-C-H."

"Correct," he said, adding, "Does everyone agree?".

Everyone did.

"That means there is not 'I' in church."

I considered what he said. That means that:
  • THE church has no place for MY opinions
  • THE church has no place for MY disapproval of the parts of the service (prayers not appropriate, sermon too long, wrong songs, etc.)
  • THE church assembly is about giving honor to God and not MY likes/dislikes. ("Your opinion is worth the same as mine," he said. "Either of us can take our opinion and 54-cents and get a cup of coffee at the convenience story in the morning." To which I add, 'And make sure you bring all the 54-cents. They usually are not interested in your 2-cents worth of opinion.)
  • THE church has plenty of servants and very few 'chiefs'.
I am thankful for the reminder I heard. I remembered I am to be a servant.

The speaker closed with a simply thought. People who will be followers of Jesus are first to deny themselves, and then begin to follow.

Why is it so hard to be lowly, humble, and just a servant? Do you have this same problem? Add your comments. 

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