Thursday, September 16, 2010

"I just step on your crotch..."

In the September 9, 2010 edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Section B had an editorial worth reading. It was about 'sagging'.

The 'Barnes Notes' version.
The white writer was a guest at a black family reunion, being a long-time family friend. This family had a preacher, who, this day, was breathing "brimstone" as he called for "...fathers to be fathers, and boys to pull up their baggy britches."  

The preacher continued with references like "...if you want to move up in this world your pants have got to come up too." He pressed his point by reminding everyone how those who are successful at work groom themselves acceptably, and those who are not trying to get a job wear the low-riding pants. Besides, if they were hired, they would spend 1/2 their time pulling their pants up and not working.

Poking fun, he spoke of how he could win any fight with a 'sagger'. "You can't fight with your pants down, can't defend yourself. All I have to do is dance around until your pants fall." The he added, "If I really want to whip you, I just step on your crotch when your pants are down."

I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it any longer. I laughed out loud. So many of the statements were spot-on.  

Keeping my pants from sagging, especially for style, is NOT one of my struggles. There may be enough dun-lap to case them to be pushed down, but not for style.
Instead we may be encouraging boys to remain unemployed, to be with the wrong group of friends when we keep our mouths shut and don't tell the young men to pull up their pants. Maybe? 

What do you think? What would Jesus say or do?

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