Monday, May 2, 2011

Debt for Faith??

Measuring faith is difficult. How large is a #7 faith? Is there a five-cubed faith? How big is a size 14 faith?

Occasionally, faith surprised Jesus.
Jesus used situations to evaluate faith.

Christians are urged to "walk by faith, and not by sight." We conduct life based on God-given promises and principles. We do not need to know the future before beginning a walk with God.

So why do church leaders (elders / deacons) want to see the $$$ in the bank before they start, or fund, a good project? Is this walking by sight and not by faith?

I certainly will not imply money can solve church problems, or well-funded programs will succeed. I know Christians having debt is not His desire for His people (Proverbs 6:1-5; Prov. 11:15; Prov. 22:26). Debt reduces giving, and low-level giving is an indicator of a less-than-mature faith. So, low-level-faith limits God's efforts.

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I look forward to finding men, families, or leaders WILLING to go into debt for God's efforts. WILLINGNESS reveals our desire to step out with faith. Enthusiasm plus trusting God to bring completion is faith.

So, is a commitment to get out of debt an act of faith or a selfish act of greed? Evaluate. Do you believe God will take care of all your needs (Matt 6:33) if you fund His work first? Demonstrate the size of your faith. The next time a missionary visits your congregation will you empty your pockets with purposeful giving? The next time they need volunteers will you put your wallet away and grab your work gloves?
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So, is a commitment to get out of debt an act of faith, or a selfish act of greed?

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  1. If God said to owe no one anything except the debt of love....then I think the church leaders would be correct in only committing funds which they themselves knew was available, or could readily become available by the sale of something owned by the church (for example.) Faith is obedience. If God said not to be in debt...then not getting into debt is faith in action.

    Now...for the person in debt who keeps on getting into debt...more than likely its not because of his generous giving that he is in debt...but because he wanted more than he really NEEDED. So for them, getting out of debt is an act of repentance. Trying to get back on track with obedience to God.


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