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Editorial on 'Christianity'

Editorials voice one man's view on a subject, controversial or undisputed. Would we read more carefully if the piece was written by God's Spirit?

The Spirit of God is responsible for ALL the Bible. He used men to write the message (2 Peter 1:20-21).

As the Spirit wrote the editorial on Jewish history (Psalms 106), concurrently He was writing an editorial on people in 'Christian' religious groups today.
An examination of this 'editorial' finds the following relevant to many church-goers.

  • They do not understand God's wonders (v.7). Many go for social reasons and do not know basic Bible stories.
  • "They did not remember... "(v.7). When God's goodness is forgotten, it leads to rebellion.
  • He saved them for His name's sake (v.8).  Salvation is designed to add praise to HIS NAME.
  • "...they believed his word..."(v12). Some genuinely believe God's writtings, but often it is "believed" as a convenience. Watch what they do with belief later.
  • "They quickly forgot his works..."(v.13). It is the "believers" who QUICKLY forgot, not those outside 'Christianity'.
  • "They did not wait for His council..."(v.13). 
    • When people forget, they overlook The One with the best answers. 
    • In typical American haste, we imagine God has forgotten our requests. In fact, He may be waiting for the best time to bless us.
God's Spirit was not finished with His 'editorial'. 
  • "And tested God..."(v.14.). What part  seems wise to you?
  • "...they became envious..."(v.16). See God's works. Remember His kindness. Absorbe His wisdom and council. Who has better that you should "envy" them?
  • "...and worshippes a molten image."(v.19). Were pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters ever molten? Do the 'saved' woo or worship their jobs (a god?) to gain the 'molten god' of filthy lucre
  • "They forgot God..."(v21). How often do 'the saved' substitute God with the target of our envy or the bling of a shiny molten god.
  • They did not believe His word (v.24). Once God's word is no longer authoritative, then truth is suppressed, fellas become fools, sexual misconduct is supported, minds become depraved, wrong abounds, evil expands, greed grows, envy elevates, slaying is a solution, trickery thrives and malice multiplies, scuttlebutt substitutes and slander supersedes truth, independence is idealized, bragging booms, iniquity is invented, children disobey parents, understanding is undermined, love is lost, and mercy becomes minimal. Read Romans 1:18-32.
Then God's Spirit added these notes.
  • They grumbled (v.25). They were not content with God's blessings. Sound like anyone you know?
  • They did not listen to the voice of the Lord (v.25). At first, they did not BELIEVE His word, and now they will not LISTEN to Him. Does this create sporadic attendance?
  • They joined themselves..." (v28). They JOINED another religion. Sadly, my friends JOIN religious groups. When following God's plan, HE ADDS them to His fellowship (Acts 2:47).
  • They made Him mad (v29). What would, or should, God do to members of His church that make Him mad?
  • They were rebellious against His Spirit (v.33). Why resist any part of God? What good will result?
  • They did not conform to God's orders (v.34). God has always damned disobedience.
  • They mingled with other nations (v.35). They were blending with people God had said to blot out. Do people blend their ideas of growing churches with God's specific commands?
  • They learned other nations practices (v.35). The practices were picked up from should-be-extinct nations. God's church is not to be a mix of picked up 'practices', but pure, as God planned.
  • They served the idols of other nations (v.36). God is Spirit. Worshipping Mary, an image of a relgious diety, or the statue of any man is idolatrous.

Furthermore, how many read these words and think since they have believed, or done a series of actions, they are eternally secure and can not be sent to hell. Hmmm. Let see if they have the same God.
After these digressions GOD THEN:
  • Got angry and ABHORRED HIS PEOPLE (v. 40).
  • GAVE THEM OVER to other nations (v.41).
  • Their ENEMIES OPPRESSED them (v.42).
What an editorial!
So some of you agree while others disagree. Put your ideas up for discussion by adding comments.
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  1. Even after the oppression and punishment of His people who had sinned over and over again....there was always relief....70 years in Babylon is not forever. There is a remnant that is tried and tested and blessed in the end.


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