Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not Be Ashamed

My struggle is to Not be Ashamed.

Shame is defined as
  • A painful sense of having done something wrong, improper, or immodest.
  • Disgrace, dishonor
  • A cause of feeling shame.
  • Something to be regretted.
In each definitions there is an unwritten code that has been crossed. What makes any action "wrong, improper, or immodest"? What standard was violated to make it a "disgrace" or a "dishonor"? What makes any action regretful?

Satan has changed many standards from right to wrong. He causes rulers to "hate good and love evil,". He encourages gays to march or protest for their "rights". He has gossips tint reality. The arrogant are esteemed. He wants kids to spout orders to parents. He persuades Christians to listen to foul, un-bleeped languaged on TV and consider it normal.  Change has occurred.

Jesus did not take opinion polls. He did not ask what their standard was before he healed on Sabbaths or spoke against the indifferent, the emotional, and the world-centered in the parable of the soils. He told people to deny themselves, take on his burden, and follow him.  He accepted religious challenges from religious leaders. He openly told people they were hypocrites, and to watch for greed. He is the best example of not being ashamed. 

And he is the one who said if we are ashamed of him, He will be ashamed of us when he returns.

I must develop enough trust in Jesus so I can challenge Satan, and those who are making right to look like wrong. 

Will you join me in this struggle?

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  1. When you are a little kid (or a bigger one) in the classroom, you are "ashamed" to be called upon in class to answer a question....because of your not wanting to be in the limelight, fear of being wrong, fear of being embarrassed....fear of being called the Teacher's Pet. We are not that different. If its something we are very sure of, that has been tested and found true...we will venture to raise our collective hand.


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