Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Family Redefined

I watched on Cold Case a story of a tragic family. The mother turned work-a-holic to avoid being around her husband and kids. The father created a child porn website featuring a boy he had bought from a kidnapping-gone-bad. The actual son had been the 'star' of the website, thinking what his father was doing was real love, up till he became a teen when he was relegated to a support-the-father role. To say the family had problems is being too kind.

In the Bible I read of a man who left his mom, leaving the her care to the younger brothers and sisters. His work made him very popular. 

One day his family came to check up on him. They were having trouble getting to see him because of the crowd. They sent word to him that they were there. He asked the messenger something like "Who are they?" Then he redefined his family with a famous quotation.

How does God feel about families? Let's just see.

Jesus redefined his family as the doers of God's word. These family members do not deceive themselves, nor do they forget what they are told. It is these family members, the ones obeying God's instructions, that will have their work blessed.

Do we need to redefine our families? What will it take to redefine a family?
What kind of family-life did Jesus have?
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