Friday, November 5, 2010

B-E-E-E Q-U-U-I-I-E-E-T-T-T!!!!

Hodgins is a unusual character in the television show "Bones." He is the only son in a very rich family. Someday he will inherit a multimillion dollar conglomerate, but for now he wants to remain as Dr. Hodgins. You see Hodgins enjoys people appreciating him for his skills and work as a 'lab rat' determining the sources of trace elements from a crime scene and his work in entomology (bugs). 

In one episode Hodgins and the other 'squints' (lab personnel) are ordered to attend a gala hosted by large-gift contributors, including Hodgin's family. Attending is a threat to his identity secret, so he respectfully says 'no' to his boss. The remainder of the show has him repeating an insistent 'No'. He does, however, reveal his secret to two key characters, who help him remain a 'squint'. 

If Jesus would have watched this show I think he would have identified with this character. Jesus wanted people to see his miracles and teachings, and THEN decide he was God's Son. He hoped they would believe based on evidence.

Jesus went to the synagogue (a Jewish church building of sorts). One day there was a man there, in the 'church' with a bad spirit. The spirit recognized Jesus as God' son and was telling everyone he was the "Holy One of God."  Jesus said powerfully, with authority B-E-E-E- Q-U-U-I-I-E-E-T-T!! A few moments later he used his authority to cast the bad spirit out of the man. What the synagogue-goers saw made them ask questions and think

Did they conclude what Jesus desired? Did they make some important steps in the right direction? 

What conclusion do you draw when you read or hear this story? Could you prove Jesus is God's son? What evidence would you use? 

Write your answers in the comment section for others to learn, consider, and grow. Anyone can comment.

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  1. Very thought provoking. I remember the episode.
    A good comparison. Yes, Jesus wants us to love Him for himself............not because "we gotta."

    Nimble T


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